vendredi 22 juillet 2011

Review / V-Jump 2011 no.9 : Episode of Bardock chapter 2

Some pictures of Episode of Bardock chapter 2, the Dragon Ball Heroes based manga by Naho Ooishi. Only 15 black-and-white pages this time (19 black-and-white + 1 color pages for chapter 1).

Chilled and his followers land on Plant, and start terrorizing the villagers. Beri begs Bardock to help them, and remembering his friends' decimation on Meat, he accepts. There, Bardock get enraged by confusing Chilled with Freeza, and starts fighting with him. But he seems to be powerless...

Won't translate it fully, but Chilled dit not reveal his ties with Freeza (if he ever had). He only introduces himself as "Chilled, the greatest space pirate", while Bardock can't stop screaming "Freeza". I guess all the answers will come in next month final chapter.

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Salut. J'aimerais savoir si c'était possible que tu prennes en photo la page où il y a Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi le jeu vidéo s'il te plait. Merci d'avance et bravo pour cet excellent site !