vendredi 15 juillet 2011

Colis / Dragon Ball Heroes part 4 nearly-fullset

Here are some pictures of Dragon Ball Heroes part 4 nearly-fullset I received today. Keep in mind that it introduces a few Namek Saga characters in standard game, such as Nail, Ginyû Special Corps and of course Freeza with all his forms.

Normal Cards set

Rare Cards set, with gold-stamping brightness

Super Rare Cards set, aka prismset

In my opinion, it's the most beautiful part since the Dragon Ball Heroes started. There's a lot of gorgeous cards, especially in the Rare Set. Here are some closer pictures without photoflash, as gold doesn't appear black.

Really love No.18 and his daughter's Normal Card (if you remember, there was a Rare Card like this in part 3). Gokû's Rare Card "black haired Super Saiyan" was made for the game, as the card action ability is "randomly change" into Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2. But the aureola make me think about a wink to episode 195, wherein Gokû transforms like this to fight Ginyû Special Corps in the Next World.

Probably my 2 favotite cards of the part : Kid Trunks getting Super Saiyan while training with Vegeta (wonderful remake of this, with a real gold-shining aura), and Gotenks performing his Victory Canon... hum, no, Victory Canon is ki launching from the mouth. Whatever he's doing (maybe his Galactic Donut), love his posture and gold-shining ki from his hands.

2 more gorgeous Rare Cards, still with gold-stamping brightness : Bardock about to launches his final attack on Freeza (probably one of the best Bardock card Bandai has ever done), and Freeza about to tranforms himself with the shining Dragon Balls around him.

Now the Super Rare Cards, with Super Saiyan 2 and Majin Vegeta. Hum okay, there are better versions of them in Carddass Main Series (part 19) and Super Battle Series (part 10) :o

Super Rare Cards of Zarbon and Dodoria. Like the Bardock Rare Card, I think it's the best cards Bandai has ever produced for theses subcharacters.

I finish this best selection with Freeza's final form Super Rare Card (nothing special but I find him pretty well drawn), and "Kuririn no koto ka ?!" Super Saiyan Gokû Super Rare Card, wich I find absolutely gorgeous. There has been a similarly Data Carddass Rare Card of this scene, but I prefer much more the Dragon Ball Heroes drawing, coloring and finishing.

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