mercredi 13 juillet 2011

News & Colis / Dragon Ball Heroes, Carddass Special HK, MBC

Little busy from now, so here's some pictures of what I received today by airmail :

Dragon Ball Heroes Starter Set 2, including Hero License and Avatar Card, and 4 Battle Cards which make the ultimate unit "Saiyan lineage". Avatar and Battle Cards are foil shining cards. I'll remain this set unopened.

Dragon Ball Heroes part 2 Normal Cards set. Just watch the middle-left "long haired" Trunks on second picture. Bojack movie style, yeah !

Dragon Ball Heroes part 2 Rare Cards set. Of course, what appears to be "black" is in fact gold stamped. My favorite one is the last Bûjin card. Can't see it on the picture, but character's outline is fully gold stamped.

Dragon Ball Heroes part 2 Super Rare Cards set. Again, just look at the "Bojack movie" Trunks one. Beautiful. Also like the Super Saiyan Teen Gohan card, Gattai No.13 card making his SS Deadly Bomber, and Perfect Cell card with Cell Jr.

Carddass Movie Special 1995, front and back. Although this card is made in Japan, it has been produced and distributed in Hong Kong, for the release of DBZ the movie 11 in 1995 by Edko Films. So it's something like "Carddass Special HK card", like the Carddass Special set of 6 that retakes some of the japanese Limited 2000 (and Visual Adventure Special prismset). This Carddass Movie Special 1995 is very close to the japanese Jumbo Carddass Theater Distribution (Tôei Anime Fair Summer 1994), although it's a normal-sized prism card.

By the way, some news :
- The Dragon Ball Special Selection DVD, including both Bardock and Trunks TV specials, will be released  in August 5 with 2 Dragon Ball Heroes promotion cards. I'll order it as soon as it appears on CD Japan.
- A new Shop Campaign promotion card, I guess, coming with the next part 5... tomorrow ! Ugly Gokû T_T
- Miracle Battle Carddass part 7 cardlist (only common / uncommon / rare / super-rare cards).

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