vendredi 22 juillet 2011

Review / V-Jump 2011 no.9 : Dragon Ball content

After Episode of Bardock chapter 2, I'll talk about the Dragon Ball content from this new issue.

First of all, the cover. With a "new" Gokû, probably drawn by Tadayoshi Yamamuro.

Dragon Ball Heroes appendix card PJ-10 (Adult Gohan), and "5 to the battle" booklet. Of course, this is a pun between "to go" and DBH part "5" (which japanese pronunciation is "go"). So go to the battle !

Just after Episode of Bardock chapter 2, a promotion page about the Dragon Ball Z Special Selection DVD. I remind that it will contain both Dragon Ball Z TV specials, 2 Dragon Ball Heroes promotion cards and other extras such as Akira Toriyama Special Comment (maybe something like he did for the Dragon Boxes ?). I ordered mine yesterday, thanks to my friend Shinta.

A double-page about Miracle Battle Carddass DB07, showing the Miracle Kira Cards. Better look than the previous Weekly Shônen Jump picture, so I confirm that cards really look failed. I mean, booster-boxe version. Because on the second picture, we can see vending-machine version of these Miracle Kira Cards, which seems to be much better. Even if GT Trunks is still an epic fail to me.

PS360 Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi. Seems that the gameplay get improved with what they call "Strike Move" and "Defense Reaction".

Arcade Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale with new characters : Kid Gohan and Ginyû.

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Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour ces photos. Juste une question, parle-t-il du jeu Saint Seiya dans ce numéro ?

ssk a dit…

Non, du tout, aucune page dessus.