vendredi 24 juin 2011

Got my V-Jump today !

This time, english only lol.

Don't have time to write a full review yet, so here are some pictures and first feelings :

Before the manga starts, Bardock is introduced. Right page, bottom left, we can see a "Freeza-like" new character drawn by Toriyama-sensei : Chirudo 「チルド」. So "Chilled" I guess, means "feeling cold" as usual with Freeza's family. Presented as Bardock's rival in the story. Bottom right, we can see that both TV Specials of DBZ wll be released on single DVD in August 5, named Jump Super Heroes Dragon Ball Z Special Selection DVD.

Story takes place after Freeza destroyed planet Vegeta. Bardock wakes up somewhere. Still injuried, so it wasn't a dream.

This "Chilled-sama" appears on last pages.

I'll try to write a better review tonight. But it will be hard... because today my Carddass dream becomes true huhu =)

6 commentaires:

ssk a dit…

Oups, made a mistake. Not "Child" of course, but "Chilled". ;)

jUjU a dit…

It seems so interesting!!!! I'd love to read it in French published by Glénat!

Anonyme a dit…

Tres belle collection ma préférer aussi!!!
Bien ranger dans leur pochettes, d’ailleurs ou trouve tu les pochettes de carddass station ?

ssk a dit…

Merci ^^

Ah les pochettes j'avais racheté tout le stock d'un membre de dbzcollection. C'est vrai que c'est pas évident d'en trouver aujourd'hui.

Anonyme a dit…

Ha merci cest sur que maintenant cest vraiment tres dur den trouver presque personne nen propose en tout cas bonne continuation pour le blog!!!

gokumun a dit…

Can we get a better picture, preferable a nice and clean close-up, of the image of Chilled from the page that has him in color and introduces Bardock?